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Thread: Menu and submenu

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    Menu and submenu

    Hey all,
    I'm trying to make amenu that opens up with an "onRollOver" event-handler, and will close with an "onRollOut" - meaning, once the mouse is on the MC it will open and once it has left it, the menu will shut. the thing is, due to the fact that "onRollOver/Out" preform as long as the mouse is on it, i get the effect of the menu always trying to open it self. is there a way of making it work well?
    thank you.
    Matti Bar-Zeev,

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    The trick is to use only rollOver, until the menu is open. After that you can have o rollOut button covering the area outside the menu.
    I dont know wethetr you use scripts or tweening or....but thats the general idea.

    -Pelle Piano
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