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Thread: Convert PDF to SWF

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    Convert PDF to SWF

    Hi all,

    I am a newbie to Flash, so please bear with me I have a PDF file with images etc that I would like to convert to a SWF with buttons to replace the PDF thumnails, but I don't know how to do it. The only thing I found was SWFTools for Linux but I use Windows and want to do it in MX. Is this at all possible?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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    I like this PDF to Flash converter. For, they not only convert the pdf to flash format, but also make page flipping effect which is much more delicate and practical.
    I am Considering to buy the pro version, and still enjoying their free online conversion service.
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    I have never tried to convert PDF to SWF before. But I have to admit that using a 3rd party tool whose way of processing is simple and fast can save a lot of time for us. I am almost a green hand on PDF converting work. I have only tried the free trial package of an image and document conversion tool to convert PDFs and do each step according to its
    PDF conversion tutorials about how to convert PDF to other formats using C#.NET. It is just one of many but I do appreciate it because it is totally manual. Even though I only tried its free trial package to convert PDFs and didn′t check the cost and licensing conditions, it worked great for me. Share with you. And I hope you success. Good luck.

    Best regards,

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