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Thread: Problems with IExplorer on a mac!

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    Im using FSCommands with Javascript to control different flashmovies in different frames.
    It works with IE (pc), Netscape (pc), Netscape (mac).
    But when I load the page with the IE (mac) my Javascript(FSCommands) dont work.
    Does anybody know why?

    Thank you...

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    is it IE 4.5 for Mac?? the worst browser ever made?? flash and IE 4.5 (for Mac) cannot reliably pass variables externally from flash. Send'em to the non flash page.

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    thank you... but its the IE5 for mac. i know this browser sucks. what exactly should i do? i have a giant javascript in one frame which works with fscommands from flash. is it possible to make this script run on this browser?
    thank you

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