My web site is on a Win2K server using full FP2002 extensions. I am using the navigation system built-in to FP2002. It works fine but for the horizontal page header, where it dynamically changes to whatever is the page title selected. It reads text only, which is a problem if my customer does not have the truetype font “Wide Latino 18 point”. What happens is their browser will substitute a plain Arial font and my web looks ugly.

I see three possible solutions:
Get FP2002 or the server to dynamically download truetype fonts to the viewers. Is there a setting for this?
Use JPEG or GIF banners instead of text. I have tried screwing around with each page but usually destroy the navigation system to the point I have to do the entire web over again. I cannot find any master file for the navigation system (it was a Microsoft template with FP2002). The solution is probably in using the Navigation View to edit the system properly, but I don’t see where to substitute images for text.
Use Swish? Will it work within the FP2002 navigation system?

Any suggestions?