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Thread: distorted images

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    distorted images

    Can anyone out there think of any reason why a photo album thingamagig I'm creating in Flash and importing into Dreamweaver is getting rendered like crap in my browser, but not when viewed only as an .swf file. It's not the monitor. And it's not the browser, unless I.E. 6.0 has some bug I'm not aware of. It's also not the format. I've gone to the point of saving all the images as jpegs at 100% quality.

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    I'm not quite sure
    when it is imported into dreamweaver mx have u tried to right click on the flash icon on the page and choose properties it should show up in the bottom. from there u will find a combo box with quality make sure it is set to high. i am not a dreamweaver expert but i think that the problem lies in dreamweaver. also there is a play but in that properties box see if ur images are still crapy from there.

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