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Thread: My new engine ... please test

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    -= phil =- d3s_inc's Avatar
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    Oct 2002

    My new engine ... please test

    Dang it thing! it just deleted everything I wrote!!! =(

    Well, please test my engine...

    Use mouse to conrtoll and click to blow up block..
    Based on Mr. Driller. Not complete.. Want to know if it runs okay..
    Sorry for bing brief.. thanks

    (I will post link on next post)

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    Works ok. Is it not tilebased? I kept getting 'inside' blocks.

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    FK Junkie
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    FPS is 47 or so when just moving back and forth, drops to around 15 when the blocks scroll up.

    This is on my craptastic work machine:

    PIII 500 768mb ram, Riva TNT video card, win xp

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    SaphuA SaphuA's Avatar
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    The Netherlands


    The idea is prety good and the engine is already pretty close...

    There are a few bugs which should be fixed though

    - When on bottom (it stops scrolling) you cant dig any further
    - When hacing your mouse on a diagonal position of the char and move it up and down while clikcin the char get's struck in some blocks... Try to make it so that the char can only move while not walking...

    Good job, hope something najs will come out

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    -= phil =- d3s_inc's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    Thanks for the info.. I have fixed the problem where you would get stuck inside of the squares.. I have not yet added the fact that you can scroll down to the complete bottom of the map yet.. coming..

    I made it so that all colors connected will be destroyed.. works okay, but I don't know yet if it runs fast enough.. I may not be able to add the "gravity" effect because it uses so much proccessing power..

    Yes it is tile based. =) The reason you could get stuck is because you move through the TILE based world 2 or so pixels at a time.. thus some of my collision testing code was off... It should be better now...

    Thanks again.

    Oh, I hope the scrolling works okay... basicaly I make my own code to do it: the game loads only the visible parts PLUS 2 extra rows at the bottom... then that scrolls and once the 1st visible row is exposed it loads it agian.. I may just make it 1 extra row because it would not make much of a difference.


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    It doesnt remove blocks above char. If red block is right from char and another red above that, they should be both removed.

    You can go out into big emptyness from left side of stage.

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