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Thread: buttons to external files

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    buttons to external files

    hello all. i'm new to this game so bare with me if my problem has been mentioned before

    My site is made entirely in flash. i have a button that loads external SWFs (which works) and shows another movie clip that relates to the new SWF.
    My problem is that I can't get the buttons inside the MC to, for example, nextFrame the new SWF

    Here is the code on the button

    on (release) {
    _root.external swf movie clip name .nextFrame();

    The external file has two frames, one with preloader, the next with MC
    please help

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    I need to know if you are loading into a _level or a target movieclip.Or show the loadMovie code.

    Or taking a chance here.....


    or levels...


    -Pelle Piano
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