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Thread: Rat Party 5 (version 1.5) - Rat party is back

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    Rat Party 5 (version 1.5) - Rat party is back

    Rat Party 5 1.0 :
    Rat Party 5 1.1 :
    Rat Party 5 1.2 :
    Rat Party 5 1.3 :
    [link unavailable]
    Rat Party 5 1.4 :
    [link unavailable]
    Rat Party 5 1.5 :
    http://www27.brinkster.com/ratsass/p...crolling7.html [refresh page]

    Tell me what you think of the latest version.
    -Beautiful new midground, almost 3d. (Im not sure how to use swapdepths)
    -New intro (sound taken out for less CPU), a main menu, Information on creator
    -A tutorial level, and a target practice level
    -New Bomb, proximity mines as basic weapon. Yoyos have different colors, ghost bomb (ultimate bomb) has a different animation.
    -Healthbar changed, Better animations with Panpy and especially Elephanté. Updown sprites stop when you are too close.
    -You can now roll to be temporarily invincible and move quicker as well as be able to jump higher, just jump in one direction and hold the down key.
    -You can now set things on fire (Im still working on it) if a panpy ninja starts on fire it can set certain objects on fire. This will be used later for strategys such as lowering platforms to reach tokens and burning ropes to lower doors. You can set grass on fire with your mines but it doesnt do anything yet.
    -One level added (Play after boss level). Most level bugs are fixed.

    All suggestions are welcome.
    This game is really progressing but for a lot of computers it runs really slowly. I have a lot of other ideas you do not have to look at but if your bored or interested go right ahead. haha Hopefully I'll be able to develop a screen between each level when you beat it:

    -For each kill and strategy move you earn a certain number of points. At the end of each level you can save or use these points to upgrade intelligence (New techniques - air gliding, rolling up then jumping off walls, sticking upside down, roll jumping), endurance (Not bouncing when you get hit + higher life), and quickness (enemy detection and acceleration).
    Day: 25

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    I couldn't get 1.5 to load?

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    welcome back togepy =)

    sorry, i cant get 1.5 to load up either

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    Loaded fine for me. A little laggy, but fun nontheless. And glad to see you back togepy, its been a while

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    Yes it does.

    I like it a lot, though it slows down on my 1.6 GHz 256 MB RAM machine. (Windows XP) Though it's mostly noticable when you start the game everything spins around in the middle.

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    Runs very slow
    Too much menu animation ::

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    You can never have too much menu animation
    The game confused me a little too much to make me want to play it a lot, even with the tutorial. The levels felt a little small and restrictive too, not enough room for much running and rolling.
    A story as wierd as the game would be awesome, why are these odd characters running around? Being told a little bit at a time would keep me playing

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    Closer to u then u think
    I agree a story would make it more enjoyable to play. Also some of your hitTest are off but hey whatcha going to do something always goes wrong. Nice version does run a bit slow though.
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    haha cool. I reloaded the game with a new tactic instead of jumping high, you can jump kick off of walls. do this by jumping onto the walls and holding up and ctrl while hitting it.

    Im going to Brasil in 3 days too for 5 months, and wont be working on flash at all but when I come back I might work on adding a storyline between each level, find a way to speed it up, and make enemies smaller and worlds more interesting (foreground pics etc). With this I'll also make the play area much bigger, maybe fullscreen.

    by the way thanks for all the comments I appreciate every one.

    Rat Party 5 1.51 :

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    Kewl game! Some of the guys go too fast tho...

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    You dont need to make it fullscreen, just add scrolling man, moving your character around is fun, make some big wide areas to roll in!
    Good lord, it's been a while

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    Real nice work togepy. Where have you been all this time?
    You wish you had a footer like this one.
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    Real nice work togepy. Where have you been all this time?
    mostly at friends houses lol, plus the outdoors is way more exciting.
    Ratsass games has more games on its way but since Ill be in Brasil in a day I wont be releasing them yet:
    There is a pigolis sniper arcade, ratass fighter 2 (major construction), and Kapital Enemy Mixmaster.

    You can visit my music site too, at http://www27.brinkster.com/ratsass/ke-web.html
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