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Thread: Looks good, still working at it

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    Looks good, still working at it

    Hi tehere
    you should check my flash intro,
    keep in mind that I'm still working at it



    Kind regards
    Pieter van Stee
    alias Flax
    Mail me @ pietervanstee@skynet.be
    Add me at MSN

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    I like the idea behind it, but i would speed it up, it's taking a bit too long really, if someone has to go through it every time they visit they're gonna get annoyed. Also i would fiddle with the colours a bit, try for something a bit bolder. In addition: Welcome at webmention? do you not mean "welcome to webmention"? Nice stuff though, keep working and repost it when you have some more done.

    Give my site a check:
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    Good lord, it's been a while

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    Put some images or some dynamic graphics in the squares that describe the site content or maybe something abstract, put and some cool music too. Make it faster

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