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Thread: URGENT! Dynamic Image load - using variable result

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    URGENT! Dynamic Image load - using variable result

    Greetings and MANY thanks for taking a look at this!!!

    What I am trying to do is simply load an image based on the result of a variable. In "english" this is what I want to do:

    if variableA is equal to 1 then load image01
    if variableA is equal to 2 then load image02

    I am not sure if this was necessary but just incase:
    I have placed image01 in a movieclip, so now I have movie01
    I have placed image02 in a movieclip, so now I have movie02

    On frame 10 layer 1 my variableA is displayed as dynamic text.
    On frame 10 layer 2, shouldn't I be able to place movie01, select it, then whip up an actionscript statement?

    For example, I've tried:

    onClipEvent (load) {
    	if (variableA==1) {
    		setProperty("movie01", _visible, "1");
    The trouble with this is, the movie is displayed whether variableA is equal to 1, 2, 10, or even 0.

    Again THANKS SO MUCH for ANY help on this. I think I've thought about this too much and am now just stuck!

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    It isn't immediately clear what you have done without seeing your FLA.

    However, here are a couple of methods:

    From library:
    Load the images in your library, right-click and set the "linkage" name to movie01 and movie02 respectively.
    On the main timeline, for the frame where you want to show the images:

    From URL:
    On the frame where you want to load the movie, put a holder MC with instance name "holder" where you want the image to show. On the main timeline, put:

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    Thanks for your help.

    I attempted what you suggested using the LIBRARY instructions. (I should have specified that this will be a projector file and not on the web). I may be missing something simple as it is not working. I stripped down my .fla to a few frames -- would you care to look at it and tell me what I am missing????

    It's a VERY simple quiz. If you answer True, the variable gets 2 added to it. It you answer Mostly True, the variable gets 1 added to it.

    When you get to the "Results" frame, if the variable is 2, a long graphical bar will appear. If the variable is 1, a short graphical bar appears.

    Thanks again.

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