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Thread: Keeping HTML

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    Keeping HTML

    How do you retain .HTML and JavaScript formatting when you publish in Flash. I want to be able to publish a Flash movie, open it in Dreamweaver, insert some HTML and JavaScript code and everytime I tweek something in Flash and then publish it again, I want that code to remain the same. Any ideas?

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    If I understand you, you want to publish your movie with an html page, but after changing the html, you want to republish your movie and keep the changed html page. If so, then do the following.

    Publish your movie with an html page.
    Change the html page to how you want it.
    goto: file -> publish settings. Uncheck the HTML publish option.
    save file.

    Now, whenever you change your movie and republish it, only the movie will be published, not another html page. As long as you kept the movie the same size (width x height) you should be okay.


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