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Thread: Quick html (howto)

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    Quick html (howto)

    Dunno if this is the right place to post this but here goes.

    I want to know how to take a link on a top of a page and when you click on it, it will scroll down to the appropriate section on the page. So like if i setup a news page with all the articles in a list at the top. Users can click on an article and it will take them directly to the article down the page. Also what is this function in html called?

    thanks alot

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    flash? an anchor?

    <!-- getURL("#article1"); -->
    <a href="#article1">article1</a>
    <a name="article1"></a>

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    this should be in a help section.. not the lounge.

    On a side note... 'name' was replaced by 'id' in xhtml was it not?

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    Moved. Please do not post technical questions in the coffee lounge.

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