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Thread: Dynamic function call

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    Dynamic function call

    (Using Flash 5)

    I'm trying to find a way to dynamically call functions so that I can easily write scripts for my game engine. The idea is that each script would be an array of function calls with arguments and an event on which to move the header forward. Anyway, I found a way to call functions with 1 or 0 arguments, by making each function call an array(function_reference[,argument]) and using array[0](array[1]). However, the commas required for multiple arguments present a problem. Can anyone think of a way to do this?

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    First of all, bump.

    Second, I fixed that problem, but I've got a new function dilemma now. I'm calling a function on the root within a function within an MC. Diagram:
      | \
     MC  -function explode()
     function nextevent() {
    Anyway, the problem is that explode(), as called within nextevent(), acts as though the code were written in MC. So when I reference movie clips relatively, they naturally don't exist, which causes problems (self duplication, etc). This hasn't happened before - I have other movie clips that call _root.explode(), and the code is executed from the root like it should be. Anyone know what's up/how to get around it?

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