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Thread: Need an AS Pro NOW

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    Need an AS Pro NOW


    I had a sub-contractor screw me and I need something done asap - we would have to work in conjunction and it needs to be done tomorrow. All AS and math functions for a simple golf game. If you're interested please email me asap and I will respond with details.

    This does pay.

    But please respect the fact that I don't need any interface design or timeline work - I need someone who knows AS inside and out.


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    Hotmail server is funky

    having problems accessing hotmail due to busy server errors.


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    um.. didn't someone already tell you that the coffee lounge is NOT the place for stuff like this?

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    He's having an emergency. Sunday night is not exactly the best time to post things in the help forums and get them seen.

    I don't blame you bro.

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    I think he's a bit demanding.

    I meen, he didn't even offer anything

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    Thanks Microsoft

    Thanks Microsoft,

    It is an emergency and I did state that it pays and interested parties should email me for details. DOn't know what you mean about being demanding...

    This isn't a job posting. If it was a job posting - it wouldn't be here. I'm looking for some help right now - this minute... I'm looking for someone who's got skills who just happens to be hanging out and maybe wants something to do... you're trying to tell me that I shouldn't be looking for Flash programmers hanging out and chatting on a Flash site?!

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    Not sure you will attract many fish in your bucket of problems there unless you can setup some FAST payment plan to go along with your FAST needs. Western Union? Fed Ex? The payment should be made 50% up from and 50% on delivery at the very least. Remember your the one in need and demand for services within 24 hours usually warrants a push fee.

    See the thing is noone knows you and your profile is fairly new meaning you could be setting up accounts and running scams for all we know. Its unfortunate that a sub screwed you but that is really not anyones problem but your own.

    Just an outside observation. Good luck sir.
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