Hey Flashkit,

I have just finished lengthy project for a client in Flash 5 where it parses a single long xml file at the beginning of the flash movie and then displays different content depending on where you navigate through the rest of the movie. I have perfected it and it is snag free until now. The client would like to export the project in Flash MX. Once I did this the project no longer displays any XML content. I am not sure but I do not think the XML is being parsed anymore whatsoever.

I have put these checks in the place and no xml status errors appear nor does the "we made it" text.

brochureXML = new XML();

tellmekid = brochureXML.status; //Just a text field

if (brochureXML.loaded == true) {
doesitload = "we made it"; //Just a text field

Sorry I do not have a soure files to post, and I know this may be a wide open question. But would any of you suggest where I may begin? I feel it may be an encoding issue for the xml file in Flash MX.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks,
- Jimmy