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Thread: Button - "Over" state triggering a more complex transformation

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    Button - "Over" state triggering a more complex transformation

    Here's my first question:

    I went through the lessons under the help menu in Flash and felt alright about it. I've stablished a new task for myself, wich is:

    Create a banner wich is static; when you mouseover it, an animation is triggered; finally, it's clickable to open a URL. Hence, my questions:

    - Will it be a button? A whole animation in what would be the "over" state seems to be undoable.
    - How is it possible that some movie begins static and starts to roll over the frames after a mouseover?
    - I have looked for tutorials and articles, but I've found only very basic and very advanced ones. Does anyone have indications for next steps of learning Flash?

    Thanks in advance,


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    You seem to need to learn about how a Movie Clips timeline works: It is possible to create a piece of animation, turn it into a Movie clip, and then place it in the over state of a button.
    Or you can create an MC, put a stop action in its first frame, and make the put script on the button so that it tells the MC to start playing when someone hovers over the button.

    You can try look at
    for notes on Flash MX, or
    for Flash 5

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