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Thread: Final post...thoughts please

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    Final post...thoughts please

    This is the final post for this site. All content is now onboard, page headers have been changed, and new scrollers are in place. Please let me know what you think about it's design, ease of use and content. Please don't use the email links, the email account isn't set up yet. This is a completed site, so any information or insite you all have is critiacal before it launches on monday. Thanks too all who have offered feedback in the past...it was infinitely helpfull. and if i haven't heard from you yet...i look forward to hearing what you have to say!!


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    Nice and Clean

    Very nice and clean, less is more I always say. You don't weigh the view down with needless fluff. One comment, lose the small font and bump it up one size, very hard to read on my monitor at 1024X768, I started to notice typos and then realized the a was an o and vice versa. I think you could get the same effect with a lowercase arial and a size larger...have a better viewing experience.
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    ditto the above.
    one small detail, maybe is deliberate, the page title is 'untitled document'

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    Hey, get a domain...
    title your pages...
    don't rely on people having OCR Extended...

    Nice site... very smooth and crisp...
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