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Thread: centering a nonscaling swf in a scaling swf

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    centering a nonscaling swf in a scaling swf

    I have a background swf that has been coded so that it scales with the browser. I want to load the main swf file (main.swf) on top of this bg so that it is always centred on the page.

    Any suggestions??

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    what do you mean by on top of the background.swf? do you mean load the main.swf into the background.swf and center it or center it in the page using javascript?

    if you want to load the main.swf, you can use javascript to pass the dimension of the window into swf. then you can figure out a ratio how much the main.swf is scaled, then scale it back with that ratio.
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    thanks for the reply dancinkid.

    When I say that I'm loading the main.swf onto the background it is a simple loadMovieNum command.

    I'm afraid I'm not totally following you on your advice. If you have the time to get into details...
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    sorry about my vague explaination, here is what i think the solution might be:

    i guess you dont need javascript anymore, you can add a listener to 'Stage', so when the dimension of the stage changes, your ratio = new dimension/original background dimension, this ratio represents how much your main.swf is scaled, then you can scale it back with that ratio.

    i didnt test it, but i think it'll work. =)
    -The Dancin kidd

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    nonscaling into scaling

    Any possible way to show some sample code for this. Im trying to have a base .swf file that is publiahed to 100% and exact fit load another .swf file into a movie clip in the base file but have the mc remain at center center without scaling.

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