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Thread: flash developers at $10/hr and less???

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    You guys dont understand. A dollar is = 45 Rupees with 1 dollars i can atleast buy 4 cans of coke. A mercedes C class is around $3000. So Even thought i get less dollars it gets multiplied and i always get more.

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    Re: flash developers at $10/hr and less???

    Originally posted by windowwink
    i'm hearing a lot about flash developers willing to work for $10/hr or less from countries like india.

    here is a cnn article about it:

    has anyone else out there been affected by this? is anyone finding that getting flash work at livable wages is increasingly difficult?
    i found this job ad recently:

    just under $10/hour. is this too little money for the kind
    of person they are asking for? but yeah, you're not the only one. i'm having a bit of a hard time starting out as a freelancer myself. i picked up a part-time job just making phone calls that pays $10/hour...almost no real skill/experience necessary for me to get that job too.

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    The cost of living in places like the US or UK are a lot higher therefore their designers need to charge more.

    In other countries designers cannot charge more because they just wont get work, it has absolutely nothing to do with skill. I live in South Africa and here the average hourly rate for a good designer would work out to be about $10 - $15 when converted (and thats for a contractor). For a full-time designer the salary would convert to between $150 - $1500 per month (again, this isnt always skills based).

    My guess is that people would struggle to live on that amount in the US or UK but here if you earn towards the higher end of the scale you can live in a nice house in a good area, drive a decent car and afford to travel annually.

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    Like it has been said above, Relationships are the key.

    If you look at all the proffesions all over the world that make a nice lump of cash on a regular basis they have to do with relationships.

    Look at Dr's, lawyers, Buisness developers etc...

    The key is to not be the behind the scenes developer but rather a person that can make feel people comfortable with what they do and how they work.

    If you have good relationships you will rarely have competition.(if you are decent)

    The other thing is Culture/creativity. I am sorry but to make commercials and advertisements with creativity you have to be able to tap into what makes an american american or what makes a brit a brit.

    sort of like having watched saturday morning cartoons or those stupid old KungFoo theater. Remember?

    Or in England maybe the old Post man Pat song.

    little things like that which I believe can really never be replaced.


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