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Thread: Action Script 3rd Party Tool?

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    Are their any tools that allow me to write Actionscript... and then bring it into flash.. because that little window is starting to REALLY bug me

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    One invaluable tool can be found here

    Action clip converts the normal windows clipboard data into Flash's format. This means you can use an external editor of your choice then paste the action script into Flash via action script. Bad luck if you're using a Mac though!

    You could also try Fast from http://www.swifftools.com/stools which is an alternative editor to Macromedia's.

    And please Macromedia, give us a decent scripting interface.

    Hope this helps,


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    I would recommend The FAST Actionscript writer because actionclip has a very weird way of importing your code!!

    It all ends up in a mess!!!

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