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Thread: Loading different .swf files

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    Loading different .swf files

    I created six .swf slide shows
    I created my site in Dreamweaver
    Can I put six different text links in my HTML page and (when clicked)have them load the different slide shows into the page? I am trying to avoid loading a new page with each slide show because my navigation would have to reload also and everything would be too slow.
    Sort of swapping it out.
    Hope you can help

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    Why not have one main movie interface (with buttons are/or links within...), that loads each slide (as external movies to this main movie interface) show upon request? Then you only have to embed one movie in your DW page.

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    What was I thinking

    This sounds promising but I don't think I know how to do it.
    I thought that when you create a .swf file, that everything had to load before they would see anything. That would mean waiting for 36 photos. This is why I separated my photos into categories. Are you saying that I can say "Welcome to my slide shows, Just click the links below...." then when they click on "Slide Show 1" The images involved in that slide show will load?
    Wow! In writing this I just realized a Flash basic that I never got before. I never created a whole site in Flash,, just animations and little movies that start when a page is loaded. It makes sense though that when people create an entirely Flash site, that everything could not load all at once.
    Sorry I am mixed up but here goes.
    It there a tutorial that explains how to do this? Create a main movie interface that will load upon request my slide show movie clips?
    I can not decide between being very embarrased or pleased with the possibilities. I guess some of each.
    Thanks for the brain jolt

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    You know where
    oldnewbie is saying that you should put all your buttons in one movie and then load that movie (lets call it menu.swf) with the html page generated when you publish your Flash file.

    If you consider that Flash (unless otherwise specified) loads to _level0, when you open your browser and open menu.html, menu.swf is now sitting in _level0.

    What you want to do now is set your buttons to load your other movies on another, higher level, maybe only _level1, using the loadMovie() action found under Browser/Network section in the Actionscript dialogue box.

    This way, as long as your loaded movies do not overlay your buttons in menu.swf on _level1, you can click the buttons to load any of your self-contained photo movies. And, if you set all your buttons to load your photo movies in _level1, they will overwrite each other as they are requested, so you will not need to remove with an extra command.
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    Ok I will create a main movie (lets call it menu.swf) and put six links to my six slideshows
    By default this movie will be in _level0
    I must make this main movie larger than the slide shows so that the buttons will not be covered at any point.

    The links will load my slide shows into _level1
    I will save and then place this .swf in my Dreamweaver html page.

    My slide shows will have been created seprately and placed in the same Dreamweaver folder as the menu.swf

    When the link "Slide Show One" is clicked (if I did it right) the slideshow I created named "Slide Show One" will load on top of menu.swf.

    Is this right?
    I think I get it but I will give it a whirl and see what happens.

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    Yep! That's about it.
    You may load your slides shows on another level or in a container clip. You may want to add a generic preloader to preload the different shows all within the main movie.
    Check this thread...


    If you want a transition between each show loaded then have a look at this...


    Good luck.

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    Thanks for everything? This is just the best help ever!
    Ta Wilder

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    I know this thread is a bit old but I have one more question. Loading the external movies (using the loadMovie() action found under Browser/Network section ) is working fine, but I don't know how to position the movies. My buttons are at the top of the page and when my movies load they cover my buttons.
    Thanks Wilder

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