We're looking for original photos to be used in mockups and demo for our various templates.

The short of it is we're willing to pay a per-use Royalty for any commercial use and would just like to give our designers more original material to work with that is fresh and unique.

Hard to believe that I've been around the stock photo catalogs so much that I can actually name off where a lot of these generic, ambigious e-biz, customer services and other images actually come from.

Abstracts, photo-objects, backgrounds... we're willing to look at anything you can throw our way in a portfolio format.

This is non-exclusive of course, however, you must be 18 and willing to sign a license agreement stipuling that all materials are yours.

That's the short of it. There will not be a per-price discussion on the board signt unseen..so feel free to email me @ tom@florentinedesign.com for more information if you are interested.