I ask what inspires you as I sit in my new Senior Design position feeling totally inadequate. I have been here two and one half months and feel like I havent earned my keep yet... I am working for a small design group that is quickly growing as they have a ton of military clients. I am sourced out to a division of the military and sit in their offices full of engineers all by my creative lonesome while the rest of my "team" is off in pairs and small groups. I actually sit in the server room with 2 techno-server-IT-geeks who don't say a word and could care less about color pallets.
I am finding myself living at flashkit and other creative forums, reading magazines (i.d., wired, graphic design usa, etc.) and doodling but still not feeling inspired.

So what do you during the day/night to get the juices flowing... I am feeling really down and need some feedback.