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Thread: actionScript for saving a flash movie

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    actionScript for saving a flash movie

    this is proberly a silly question but is it possible to use
    actionScript for saving another swf movie so one swf movie generates another

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    saving where? on a server, on a desktop? is it standalone or online?
    Is that swf dynamically created? etc..
    give more info.

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    what i have done is created a swf file that allows the user to build there own flash website via dragging and dropping certain elements in the flash file and adding there own text and what i want to do with the movie is give the ability for the movie to have a save button that allows the user to save out there website that they have created to a seperate flash file i am currenting using javaswf to generate the user website once its built but i am finding javaswf highly unpredicatble i was wondering whether or not there would be an easier way such as using action script to create a separete swf file

    thanks in advance

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    actionscript can certainly not do that..
    Example using plain php on the server: http://wolfgang.remsner.de/saveclips/drag1.swf
    Example using ming on the server (but it is a bit more than just placing existing parts): http://wolfgang.remsnet.de/homepage/


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