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Thread: XML Link Issue

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    XML Link Issue

    I am reluctantly cross-posting but I haven't received even an inkling of a response. My problem is with an XML link I am pulling in from an outside news source. When Flash pulls it in there doesn't seem to be a problem but when I try to use that information to create a link there seems to be a length issue. If the link is too long it will magically leave off certain letters. If the link is below a certain limit it works fine.

    To view what I am working on you can click here:


    Just scroll through the articles until you find one that doesn't work, you will see the end of the link seems to be cut short (I can't control the links since it's pulled in from an XML document so I can't specify which ones are broken).

    Someone PLEASE help me, this defies my simple logic.

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    Seems odd to me, as I know that long text strings can be brought into flash. However it doesn't surprise me as Flash's html rendering is quite simplistic.

    It is a little difficult to tell if this is a problem with flash or the code. I would try a simple flash app with a bunch of different link lengths increasing in size, and see where it breaks.


    Flash-XML FAQ

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    thanks for your response.

    I finally found something about this subject and realized that it has nothing to do with XML at all. The problem is that a dynamic text field has a 128 character limit on links. How is that for a pretty specific problem? One person suggested using the 'asfunction' as a work around but I have still yet to find any solution for my XML news feed.

    If anyone has any ideas, let me know!

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