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Thread: redirect after flash

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    redirect after flash

    hello all, well hope you can answer this and understand this lol .

    Right before you say make it in flash or use a meta refresh in there page thats not what im wanting to do.

    Basically i want to link to a movie file but want to have a little intro saying about my site.

    for example a create a link quickly which links to the flash swf file called "flash.swf" which then after played redirects to the main movie.

    im not sure how to do this, but might be possible, its easy to do in flash and a page, but i don't want to make a new flash movie or page each movie as it wastes space

    hope someone can help


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    use getURL

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    easy, just use "loadmovie" and type in the name of the movie...then make sure the two movies are in the same folder (online or on your server) and set at level 0

    also, add "unload movie" but put it first, otherwise you'd just be loading and unloading the next movie :P

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