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Thread: I need to purchase audio recording equip * Some advice would be nice*

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    I need to purchase audio recording equip * Some advice would be nice*

    Some assistance would be very helpful here. I am looking to purchase some sound recording equipment. However I am not sure what I need to purchase. I wont be doing any actually guitar recording, but all voice overs. I am looking at the following peices of equipment. Perhaps some of you experienced people could give me a hand here. Im lookng for descent clarity, for a descent price. I want to eliminate that staticy sound when you are recording on a regular pc mic.

    Should I get this http://www.midi-store.com
    ( The first one) with a mic? Or
    This Mixer and one of these two mics...
    .mic 1
    mic 2
    Im almost clueless when it comes to this
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    your first link was broken...

    first of all what is your budget? secondly, i have never heard of that mixer. i would at least get something name brand even if its on the lowest scale. i have a boss digital recorder myself, but the best miser/digital recorder are by roland (boss is also made by roland).

    as far as the mics, they are the least expensive...you need to know what kind to get....check this article out.......

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