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Thread: What do you all think?

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    What do you all think?

    I'm only learning , so what do you think? It's a site I did for my freinds motorcycle shop and I did it for free.

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    Hey, not too bad. The material is relevant. Sometimes it's nice to see something other than a portfolio site. The navigation holds pretty steady, although when you get to the showroom or the parts pages the pertinent navigation switches to the left side and doesn't have the same look as the main buttons on top. That's confusing.

    The home page could use a little intro. You have a good one, if a little long, on the Workshop page. Perhaps you should bring that to the home page and then put something on the Workshop page that has to do with a workshop!

    The moving logo on the home page is pretty distracting. I don't like that too much.

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    Try bumping up the FPS to 30 or 50 :: it'll run smoother

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