I really would appreciate some much needed help with this project from some of you smart people!! I read this forum and appreciate the knowledge I see!!
My son created the SigEp Arbeta Fraternity(Arkansas-Henderson State University) preloader .swf and the main .swf that they would like for the introduction to their site.

The preloader has the precentage and loading bar to show the main movie loading. This is WAY OVER MY head. I am a beginnner and they need someone that would like to help them with this.

What they want is the preloader to run with the percentage and preloader bar loading for the main movie and of course, then, the main movie starts.

Would some one want to help me set this up? I do not have a clue how to do this. I have HONESTLY tried to read, read, work, study, and apply tutorials, but this is too advance for me.

Here are the movies:
Thank you
Darce Jean
Retired Artist,Mother,Grandmother