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Thread: Definitive Flash MX 2004 Bug and Complaint List

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    Definitive Flash MX 2004 Bug and Complaint List

    I read through the "Very disappointed in MX 2004" and found that it degenerated into folks unwilling to change and folks unwilling to acknowledge any kind of problems at all. I am, therefore, starting this thread in the hopes that we can create a list of issues that we would like Macromedia to address in an update or upgrade. There should not be any bashing of the software, just list numerically the issues that you have. There should also not be any cries of "get over it" or "that doesn't happen to me!". It obviously happens to some people so it is a legit bug. MX2004 is not perfect, and I am finding it much harder to get aquained with than MX from 5. I will start off with my list of grievences so far and will add more as I find them. If you have a grievence with a new feature that some else already listed then amen it so we can get a grasp on how important or annoying it is to the general population. Here is my list so far:

    1) External files "Imported to Library" are not editable in any way. Import to stage doesn't have the same problems.

    2) Removal of normal mode fom actionscript palette in favour of the behaviours palette which takes longer to run through. Expert mode is for AS experts. Behaviours are for AS know nothings. Most of us are inbetween which is what normal mode provided.

    3) Removal of the rotate button on the transform tool

    4) Background no longer "greys" when a symbol is double clicked for editting on stage. Makes it harder to isolate the symbol being editted.

    5) Clearance of the undo list for a symbol once editting mode is closed.

    6) Moving often used and repeatedly used in succession menu items to a submenu so they take more steps to reach (smooth, straighten, optimize, distribute to layers).

    7) Flash Player doesn't seem smoother even with swf7 files. Rather makes older files jerkier until upgraded to 7 and then runs them the way fp6 ran them.

    8) Undo seems to make the whole program flicker out of existance or a split second.

    9) Saving via "Save As" kicks you out of any editting in progress and returns you to the main timeline.

    10) Controller toolbar can't be docked under drawing tools anymore. Rather it will only dock next to it removing more horizontal work space.

    11) Lack of scrollbar component (only scrollpane is left)

    12) Theme system is painful to use. Was much easier to just edit the component in the library.

    13) Timeline effects pointless and harder to implement than just tweening by hand (esp simple fades and wipes.)

    14) Sporadic compatibility issues with previous FLA versions such as text problems, script problems, or no openning at all.

    I'm too tired to go on so if I find more I'll post again. In the mean time lets here from all of you. And remember, keep it a civil, purely technical list. We're all professionals, lets act that way.

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