OK... i am a newbie to flash ... i am currently trying to create a dragable navigation system for the interface of my site ... i know how to do this a half a dozen different ways using director... and i am positive this is doable in flash... i just do not understand what i am doing wrong. with in my file i have a movie called "knob"... Knob contains the code that allows the "red button" button to be dragged along a specific path, and when it reaches the specific drag target, it should either move to a new scene, or move to the next frame of the root timeline. however.... it only moves to the second frame of knob... despite attempting to specify "nextScene();", "gotoAndPlay("Scene 2", 1); etc...... sorry if i am not making my self clear
Why OH why is my feeble code not working
i am positive this is something stupid i have neglected to do... any help would be seriously appreciated...

flash file