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Thread: Feedback on site

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    Feedback on site

    i was wondering if yall could look at this swish intro. i am having troubles getting the preloader to work correctly. maybe someone can help me. this site is at:

    Autumn's Boutique Intro

    Any feedback will be very helpful. this is for a a lady i am making a website for so dont complain about the colors, it what she wanted, lol.



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    Good work. Just a few minor
    suggestions. You might want to increase
    the frame rate to around 30 to 45 or so.
    This will make everything look smoother.
    Don't forget the lengthen the number of
    frames in the animations as well.
    I would also like to see the text fade
    in (5 frame fade-ins would be fine)
    instead of just popping out of nowhere.

    Just one more tiny thing:
    If you had Photoshop or some other
    graphics program, it would be cool if
    you could blur the edges of the photos
    and blend then with the color pink.

    P.S. I'm not quite sure why the
    preloader isn't working. You seem to
    have a really large movie filesize. You
    might want to cut off some bytes by
    decreasing the image quality/sizes or
    the quality of the music. If you need
    help on the preloader, post a thread in
    the SWISH HELP forum. Good luck!!!!

    Good work,
    Flash Kit Moderator . Duke University
    Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

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