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Thread: mouse overs?

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    mouse overs?

    Hello all again,

    Heres my next question. ive searched tutorials and whatnot but cant seem to figure out where these mouseovers in movies that ive downloaded from here come from. or for that matter how they work. whenever i try to find the action script involved with them its no where to be seen. if you dont know what i'm talking about its those light green clear boxes that some developers use for a mouse over i suppose. maybe im just being a complete idiot here, but why are these boxes not visible when the movie is playing as they are not fully "alphad". Thank you for your help once again


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    Those are invisible buttons. A simple button symbol, like any other button, but with no content other than the hit area. You see them when editing in flash, but when testing or watching the movie from a webpage they are invisible.

    To make one, create a new button symbol. Click frame 4 and add a keyframe. Use the rectangle or circle tool to draw a box or circle, with fill only, no line, any color. That's all you need do, just define the hit area.

    When you drag one to the stage, it takes on the transparent green to show it's there. You can give it any command that any other button can take and shows the hand cursor when rolled over. Best used when you want to make some text act like a button, or make a movie clip act as a button without using F6 code.

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