hi, i am an flashkit user from europe. i checked the new bluetooth features, here is my first tutorial.its magic

Control your Flash movies with any Bluetooth device, you can send datas from pda, mobile phone or desktop pc.

You can beam pictures, sounds, texts and many more from any wireless bt device to your running flash application. Beam the datas to your website..and and and. Your flash application can run on the desktop pc or a mobile device, like a pocket pc. its incredible, what flash can do, welcome to a new step of flash. you need no special software, i checked it on this devices and it works great.

Sony Ericsson T68i BT Mobile Phone
Sony Ericsson T610 BT Mobile Phone
Siemens mobile S55 BT Mobile Phone
Series 60 Phones, like Nokia 3650,7650, NGage, Siemens SX1 and more
Pocket PC iPAQ 3970 BT
Desktop PC BT Dongle

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EUROPE (Germany)

Tutorial BT Flash OBEX