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Thread: Problem playing movie on iPAQ

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    Problem playing movie on iPAQ

    I have the following problem playing a movie (which admittedly was not designed for mobile devices) on an iPAQ:

    If run from the html file the movie plays perfectly but only in the top left-hand corner of the screen - I can't work out how to make it take up the full screen area.

    If run from the main swf file the pre-loader stops at 20%. I think this is most likely a Flash player problem because the same problem occurred on PCs with Flash player 6.0.47 in certain contexts but was resolved with Flash player 7. Anyway, the iPAQ has the most up-to-date player installed.

    Anyone any ideas? All suggestions gratefully received. The zip file is too large to attach but I could make it available if anyone wants to check it out. I'll just attach the code from the html file.
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    I'm pretty sure pocket pc's can't read plain swf files. The reason is so macromedia can push their pocket pc developer kit.

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    I dont have an answer, but I would like to see the kind of things that can work wtih pocket pcs. I have never messed with it.
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    See full complaint here > www.actionfx.net/complaint.htm

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    Same problem...

    I've noticed terrible problems viewing a page with a small banner of Flash content on an iPAQ... the banner gets drawn within a little box and when you touch that box it actually drags the whole Flash window within it rather than letting you touch the content... that said, I was impressed that external mp3 audio downloaded normally from the server so that side of the implementation seems great... which made me wonder.. is this more of an issue with the IE than Flash?

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