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Thread: Help with testing

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    Help with testing

    I am working on an ongoing (read: endless) series of interactives for students. Each interactive has multiple potential variations (changable via a database form on the backend). We are doing a very inefficient job of testing right now, and I have been toying with the idea of hiring a tester. Does anybody know the best place to look for a good tester and/or some idea of a price range? I have looked on DICE, etc., but am finding few comparable positions to look to.

    Thank you for any help!

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    i work on interactive e-learning software all day long, and often have to do my own testing. I make a chart with everything in the content that needs checking (spelling, buttons, graphics etc) then go through the software.

    I could test for you if you like, if you would prefer some external testers?

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    External tester

    I am not opposed to an external tester... could you send me some info? Maybe a sample of a chart you use for testing?


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    I have priced testing companies before. My client decided not to spend the money and the project failed when they shipped it. I recommend doing it. They will test it on many different machines.

    The company I found was www.veritest.com. I am not sure how good they are because we never actually used them but its a start.

    I think the prices started at about $3000 for it to be tested on 9 different machines that yoou can choose from a list.

    This is their deliverable:

    Please refer to the Description of Deliverables appendix for detailed information
    • Project Test Plan or Overview (with first Progress Report)
    • Daily or Bi-Weekly Progress Reports (as required)
    • ‘Bug Scrub’ conference calls
    • Defect database itself (or some exported)
    • Final Report
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    I know this is probably not what you are looking for, but for easy testing of websites in different browsers and OS's, I use www.browsercam.com . It just takes a screenshot of the site in all the browsers and OS's you specify.

    I've never actually hired someone to do testing of an interactive site, but I've been hired . I tested the Logoyes website, which was tested inhouse.
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