I have to questions or so...

1- I have Fontographer to create new fonts... I went thru the making pixel fonts tutorial by Ex-ess step by step... but the production was completely a surprise. I opened flash wrote somethin in 8pt with my newly created pixel font. But those were too small and boldish(weighted). What i want to ask is, what settings do i need to have a font like FFF_galaxy or alikes ? or kinda Mini 7 , Tenacity (light ones not heavy nor condensed)....

2- I live in Turkey and as you may guess there are some special letters in our alphabet that are not presented in other languages. I may not give an example because they may not be displayed here correctly but here are the ones --->

,,,,,,, or i may say(in case you can't see those) for example "i" without the point above it or "g" with a cap or bar above it(this one's called "Gbreve" as a name and "011E" as unicode and "i" without its dot is called "Dotlessi" as a name and "0131" as unicodic).

If those are understood i may ask my question. After i created my sample font, i tried to type "Gbreve" but again i got a surprise. A rectangle was standing there instead of my special letter. What's the point? And one more thing, there it says "keystroke" above the character list in the Fontographer in the character info lines. How may i bind the character, itself and the actual key on the keyboard that, when i pressed the key it shows the right character (i have a Turkish Q keyboard). Shortly, i do not want to put this character on the screen by each time pressing ALT+*** so on.

3- Sorry but last... Is it legal to import a pre-made pixel font and add those characters i mentioned above and use this font group?

Thank you very much for your helps,

NOTE: If sepcial letter paragraphs are not explanatory i may convert the characters to bitmap (breaking down) and send a picture of them.