I am looking for a realistic water animation loop in Flash, i dont want a still image with an actionscript ontop, but an actual output loop. It has to be a clean looping animation of water rippling. Image has to be blueish in colour
Dimensions 771 x 185 - i can provide example file

I would like the loop to be a maximum of 4 - 5 frames and not to large in file size, about 100k. It would be good for someone to create a water texture in 3D for this as you would be able to control the movement and frame output for the flash file.

I require all working FLA or any other file associated with this project. I would need this project started ASAP and finished within a few days. Payment can be made through paypal on completion.

If you have any examples of your owrk i would need to see them before.

You can email me at: sasha@seascape.com.au
I can then communicate with you more easily.