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Thread: if statement???

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    if statement???

    Sorry if I am asking to many questions at once- I am having trouble with my if statement. It should only work when it is on 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,,9,10 but it also works when men is on frame 23 -Where did I mess up.

    on (press) {
    if (_root.men._currentframe == 1||2||3||4||5||6||7||8||9||10 ) {
    _root.men.bottom = bottom[1];
    _root.men.top = top[1];

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    you'd have to say:
    if (_root.men._currentframe == 1||_root.men._currentframe == 2 etc...

    I'd suggest:
    if (_root.men._currentframe <=10)


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    thank you thank you thank you

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    The way you have it coded, you are asking if the MC "men"'s timeline is on frame 23. I guess that is what you want, but the || is wrong...well, the context and idea are correct, but the way it is written it is not sure what to do after the first statement. Basically, in lamens terms, you are asking:
    if( the current frame of the MC called 'man' is on frame 1 || sdfsf || sdfsdf || sdfsdf
    The sfdsdf is just what it is...incoherent and unrecognizable. If you want the || to work, you have to do the _currentframe matter one at a time:
    if(_root.men._currentframe==1 || _root.men._currentframe==2 ||...){

    But this takes a lot of time. So, you could do this instead:
    if(_root.men._currentframe < 11){

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