I've been doing design work for a while(print) and am now transfering my skills to the e-comm market.

I got a trial version of mx2004 pro and am trying to work out some issues I have with a dataGrid

//i got data into the table by running this function on press of a button:

var anArray= ({index: index, item_id: id, style: style, model: model, colour: colour, sizes: sizes, qty: qty, price: price, subtotal: subtotal});

var addedArray = _level0.order_form.orderGrid.addItem(anArray);

//i can clear the dataGrid with this:

on (press) {

But I am having duficulty trying to fugure out how to get delete a record from the Grid and i also want to calculate the totals for the subtotal column in the grid

Any help with this would be much appreceated.
forgive me if my codeing sucks ive only been doing it a couple months.