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Thread: Mute/Unmute Help

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    Mute/Unmute Help

    I have a five frame movie. The movie stops on frame 1 and allows the user to navigate to frame 5 using the "next" button. At frame 5, clicking the "next" button again returns the user back to frame 1.

    I can make a music toggle button that mutes and unmutes the music as needed. My problem occurs when the music has been muted in frames 1-5, and the user then clicks "next" again (while in frame 5), returning him back to frame 1. The music will start to play again regardless of which state the mute/unmute MC is in.

    Can anyone please help? I'm using MX. Thanks very much.

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    Can you post the code, to give us a little more feel to what you have?
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    Here is a sample FLA. You'll need to use any music loop you have because if I include it, the file size will be too large.

    Insert it in the "mute-unmute MC" in frame 1 of the "music" layer and set to loop a bunch of times.

    Thanks for your help.
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