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Thread: TextField.prototype.addShadow(); help plz!

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    TextField.prototype.addShadow(); help plz!

    Hi Fellow Flashers,
    I wrote this prototype that adds a dropshadow to any TextField object. It works great as long as the TextField object is on the _root. If I try to use the prototype on any TextField object contained within a MovieClip, the dropshadow text gets created, but all text nowhere to be seen(maybe it's off the stage, maybe its a depth() thing, maybe its a target thing, I dunno..) Can anyone find my mistake(s):
    TextField.prototype.addShadow = function (shadowColor){
    	// create some objects to hold info about our original Txt field
    origTxtProps = new Object();
    origTxtFormat = this.getTextFormat();
    newTxtFormat = new TextFormat(); 
    for(var i in this){ // archive the original Txt properties
    	origTxtProps[i] = this[i];
    for(var i in this.getTextFormat()){ // add original TextFormat values to a new TextFormat
    	newTxtFormat[i] = this.getTextFormat()[i];
    	//trace("format property: "+i+" = "+origTxtFormat[i]);
    this._parent.createEmptyMovieClip(this._name + "Holder", this.getDepth()+1); // put the text into a MC for easy manipulation
    path = this._parent[this._name + "Holder"]; // truncate MC path
    // create new text fields to be populated with data from the original text
    path.createTextField("bottomTxt",17000, 0, 0, this._x, this._y, origProps.textWidth, origProps.textHeight);
    path.createTextField("topTxt",170001, 0, 0, this._x, this._y, origProps.textWidth, origProps.textHeight);
    for(var i in origTxtProps){ // populate and set props for the newly created text
    	path.topTxt[i] = origTxtProps[i];
    	path.bottomTxt[i] = origTxtProps[i];
    // transfer original format to newly created text
    path.bottomTxt.textColor = shadowColor; // make the drop shadow color
    // nudge the top text to reveal the drop shadow underneath
    path.topTxt._y = path.bottomTxt._y - 1;
    path.topTxt._x = path.bottomTxt._y - 1; 
    // set the MC that holds the text to the exact postion
    path._x = this._x; 
    path._y = this._y;
    // render the original TxtField untouchable, How can i remove it from memory??
    this.selectable = false;
    this.text = "";
    // usage that works
    // usage that doesn't work
    Thanks for the future,

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    how does this work?

    Hi. I don't understand how this works. Where does this code go? I'm trying to apply a dropshadow to multiple MC of text in my movie. Is this how I accomplish this? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Your created holder clip was likely tromping on top of myMC. You need to get a clear depth.

    Also, you have too many parameters in createTextField, and potentially could have zero width or height, making the new text not visible.

    Minor problem with x and y confusion.

    If a textfield is created using MovieClip.createTextField(), you can remove it with this.removeTextField(). If created at authoring time, I don't know a way to remove it.


    this._parent.createEmptyMovieClip(this._name + "Holder", this._parent.getNextHighestDepth());


    path.createTextField("bottomTxt",1, 0, 0, origTxtProps.textWidth, origTxtProps.textHeight);
    path.createTextField("topTxt", 2, 0, 0, origTxtProps.textWidth, origTxtProps.textHeight);


    path.topTxt._x = path.bottomTxt._x - 1;

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