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Thread: pocket pc issues

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    pocket pc issues

    Has anyone used Macromedia's app or FlashPack to publish content on PPC?
    with macromedia -- it makes the file sizes much larger. any reasons why?
    and with flashpack -- what reason would there be to have OS-specific content? as in, ppc2002 apps will not run on ppc2003 and the opposite...

    anyone have any thoughts or experiences with ppc publishing?

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    if you are creating a standalone app (not for use within PIE) then I think these apps include the player code base along with the SWF, much like a projector for desktop use. This could account for the filesize.
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    probably, but if i use flashpack to create a standalone the file size is the same as the original swf.
    its only macromedia who makes it larger.
    my only issue with using flashpack is that its got to be separate files for ppc2002 and ppc2003

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