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Thread: Embedding HTML (and PDF) into Flash

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    Embedding HTML (and PDF) into Flash

    This is kind of backwards, but I need to embed some HTML documents into my Flash interface. A company already has an interactive HTML questionnaire, and they want it (along with a lot of other different types of files - such as .swf and .pdf) to be wrapped in a nicer interface.

    I currently use Javascript to launch a browser window with the document with no status or address bar (you can see an example of this and the interface at http://manufacturing.stanford.edu)

    Is there any way to "embed" an html file into Flash?

    I'd also like to embed pdf documents (note: I've already looked at Flashants but would rather not have to have the user install another plugin).


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    not lucky. Neither one can be embeded into Flash. You could have a frameset with a flash menu and a main mainFrame where you can call your htmls and pdfs, but that's all I can see to help.

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    You just maybe able to do this if you put the HTML in an XML wrapper and import it that way but it will not be interactive.

    Sorry in both cases if you want interactivity you will have to bite the bullet and recreate it all in flash or director.

    Good luck

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