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Thread: URGENT!! need preloader help.

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    URGENT!! need preloader help.

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a VERY VERY simplae preloader that basically checks to see if framesloaded is equal to total frames and if it is true it then continues the movie playing.

    Does anyone have any simple code or way of doing this. Do I use a blank clip or put the code into the actions layer.

    I just want a couple of lines of code that I can use to do this.

    I am just going to have a movie clip saying loaded on the stage that repeats until the playhead goes to the next frame of the the movie once the frames code is fullfilled.

    If anuyone has some simple code they could post here or have a flash file they could post to show me how this is done I would be very appreciative.


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    Take your pick, 3 different preloaders that look complex but are rather simple.




    or you can always go with..
    PHP Code:
    if (_root.getBytesLoaded()>=_root.getBytesTotal()) {
    _root.gotoAndPlay(frame label);

    and just keep looping back to it till its true.
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