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Thread: [ Guide ] : Read Me First!!!

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    [ Guide ] : Read Me First!!!

    Welcome to the games community here on FK.

    In an attempt to make getting help or feedback on your games less painless we've come up with the following tips:

    * Please use prefixes on your threads

    Due to the fairly high volume of posts here we are currently making the move to putting a prefix on all our new threads.
    This is to remove vague thread names, so everyone has an idea of what they are about to read before they click on it.
    These are not set in stone, but here are some common ones as a rough guide:

    [Disc]: ( Discussion )
    If you have a burning topic you want feedback on or just want to get a debate going to get peoples views.

    Just don't know where to start or what direction to go in with a project ?

    You've written your code, but for some reason it's just not working.

    Found something that would be rude not to share ? Spread the word.

    Your game is almost there, just a couple of rough edges and / or you want people to highlight bugs for you.

    Show off that finished game to everyone

    Found a Flash bug ? Read a good book ? Save people hunting around for the info and leave a note for everyone.

    As well as using the prefixes, it helps everyone if you're thread has some meaning to it, eg
    "[Problem]: Collisions not working"
    is a million times better than...
    "Help me..."

    * Flash Version

    If you're not using the latest Flash version, in order to get the most appropriate answer and not cause confusion, specify which version you're using. Flash 8 is the current version (as of October 2005), but for now, Flash MX 2004 is still widely used.
    You may also specify the ActionScript and Flash Player version if needed.

    * Search function

    The search feature here on FK isn't the best in the world I'm afraid.
    In saying that, there is a wealth of information already here and available to you, it's just a case of hunting it down.

    If at first you don't get the results you want, try different search terms. You do it with google, so do it here too. A couple of tips: just search by thread title, search in the correct forum.

    There are a lot of common questions that come up, and a lot of them could be avoided by using the search function. If after you've searched, and found something but it's not quite what you want, or you don't understand it a 100%, then post a new thread, but refer to what you've already found. It shows that you are willing to solve the problem yourself, just in this case you aren't able to and you need a bit more help.
    People will always fall over themselves to help people they believe are trying to solve the problem themselves.

    Just to add an update, moderators will now be closing threads which are repeat questions. Please don't see this as being unfair, but a common question posted over and over clutters the board and affects the way our community works.
    It's not just threads about "I need the codes for an RPG", but threads asking basic syntax questions. The answers are in the Flash help files, or if you want a more in-depth answer, other areas of Flash Kit are best suited to post these questions in

    * Tutorials and Movies

    There's ( A lot ) more to FK than the boards. There are huge amounts of examples and help just waiting for you in those sections.
    Check them out.

    * Check the help files first

    Flash may have a lot of faults, but it's help files really aren't one of them.
    If you're having a problem, give F1 a quick press and double check your syntax and the way you are using a command is correct.

    Also Flash MX comes with some great example fla's and tutorials, have a look at them. They cover a lot of common posts, such as "how to move my hero with keys?"

    You may want check out this thread: http://www.flashkit.com/board/showth...hreadid=518121 . OK, they're not all encompassing, but there is a lot of really excellent information in them.

    * Think about what you are asking

    This is one of the most important points. Please ( Please ) don't dive straight in and ask for a complete game engine all done for you, eg
    "I'm writing a GTA game, can someone give me the scripts for scrolling, collision detection, the guy getting in and out of the car, etc., etc.".

    Firstly, it's not going to happen. Very few people here have complete games just sitting around to give away to people so they can just put their own graphics and menu in.
    Secondly, you'll just make everyone scream with a post like that. Writing a game is one of the hardest things you can do in any language, and posts like that just show a complete disregard of the amount of effort it takes people to produce a game.

    OK, you want to write a GTA game ? Don't know how ? Ask about certain parts of it, show a willingness to work on it yourself, but please don't expect to get it on a plate.
    The board works by, you give a little, you get a lot more in return. You show that you've thought about what you are doing, people will be more than keen to help you.

    * If you are experiencing problems, describe what you are trying to do and what is/isn't working.

    Try and narrow down the problem yourself as much as you can. For example:
    "I'm trying to have my character fire his gun, duplicate the bullet, move it until it collides with an enemy, make the enemy play the die animation and then remove the enemy and bullet from the screen. It isn't working."
    Too vague. Any part of that could be the part causing you the problems.
    There may be times where you really don't know what section is causing the problem, but narrowing it down as much as possible means we can all get to solving the problem as quickly as possible for you.

    * Are you sure this is the best place for your question ?

    Just because something is for your game, it doesn't automatically belong here.
    Say you want to add sound to your game. It may be better to post to the sounds forum. People there are experts in all things to do with sound, and you may receive a quicker and more detailed response than by posting here.

    It is a grey area about what belongs in here, because by default games cover nearly every aspect of Flash development. If in doubt, post it here.

    * Be tolerant!

    Never ( Ever ) resort to name calling. Also please don't rise to the bait of flaming a question you may think is stupid / pointless.
    Remember that people here are at different levels, and that English isn't everyone's first language.
    It's good and right that people disagree, it leads to a healthy debate and stops the board being bland, but try and be constructive in your criticism.

    * Posting code

    If you're posting a sample bit of code you want help with, use the oh-so-cool [as ] tag ( With no spaces ).
    It formats the code pretty much the same as Flash does and makes life easier for everyone. So [as ] *Your code goes here* [/as ].
    Your code displayed all nice and formatted.

    Just use the preview option before submitting your post to make sure everything's worked ok.

    Also, if you are using someone elses code in your game and it's not working, let everyone know. It may be that you don't fully understand the code and that's why it's not working in your game, rather than the script itself being wrong. We all share code, so don't be worried about putting your hands up and saying you've just pasted it into your game but don't fully understand it ( Also, the original author will love you forever if you remember to credit them )

    If you are attaching a fla, please state clearly what version of Flash you have saved it in. It's only when you've d/loaded a couple of Flash 2004 files, and you're stuck with MX, that you know what a pain it is

    * Want to start a group game/ need someone to work with ?

    Please read this fantastic post:http://www.flashkit.com/board/showth...hreadid=481510

    and also have a look at this:

    Just to finish off, at the end of the day these are just tips here to help you. They are not set in stone. You won't be shot if you ignore them, but if you try and follow them you'll find that help will come quicker.

    The FK Games community.
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