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Thread: HTML version better than .swf

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    HTML version better than .swf

    When I open a certain .swf file directly,


    the image quality is mediocre, with the text being hard to read.

    However, when I open the *same* .swf file using an html file,


    The image quality is much better thatn just opening the .swf (the size is a larger, but even when I zoom in on the .swf, the quality is still mediocre - and the quality is set to "high").

    Why is this happening?

    (Note: It's an issue because I want to open the .swf with another .swf, rather than opening it up into an external HTML window.)

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    i think i know what you are asking about. when you open the .swf in an HTML page, the .swf file is playing at it's intended, fixed size (800 x 600, or whatever you have the movie diminsions set to). when you open the .swf by itself in the browser, it will scale to whatever size the browser is. this will distort text, or any lines for that matter, that are in bitmapped images. you can always add this code to your flash file to keep scaling from happening:
    fscommand("allowscale", "false");
    as a side note, we use camtasia as well. i have had very limited success loading a camtasia-generated .swf into another .swf. the player cannot render it properly for some reason.

    hope that helps, nords.

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    nordberg got it right, just do what he suggested.

    The tutorial you did is really kool though, good job on that
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