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Thread: stupid little things

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    I'm building my first web page using only flash 5, and I have a few problems. When I preview my page in a browser it appears really smaller. Do I have to make the page bigger or do I have to click something so it resizes automatically? Is there anyway of creating an effect like the onion skin but in animations, so the last movements fade away in the background? I would also like to have a section on my page where people can leave comments, can anyone help?
    And a slightly more complex inquirey, is there anyway of easily adding a search engine to a flash page?

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    in the publish settings there are various options for sizing of the final movie i.e. fit ti screen, a percentage etc.

    I assume you want a tweened animation to do the onion skinning? Are you good at actionscript?

    Just use text fields and then you will need to send them to a cgi for straqge I presume, look at geturl and fscommand for talking to the outside world.

    the same for a search engine a text field and a cgi script are needed and communication between the two


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