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Thread: printing problems

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    printing problems

    I want to allow users to print a document similar to, but formatted differently (optimized to print on 8.5x11) from, information on the screen. I tried having an invisible clip consisting of the print background (#b) and switching the copy that appears over the top (in a separate clip called "content") according to user request, but it will only print what is in the first frame of the "content" clip. Without the print function the clips switch correctly, but add printing code and it only displays/prints the first frame.

    I also tried simply having a clip of all the print-ready treatments and calling them individually for printing, but now it only prints part of the document - even if all of the elements are on the same layer it prints one text box, and not another, one graphic but not another.

    Anyone with ideas of a better way to do this or a way to fix my issues, please let me know. Soon?!


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    Howzabout this...

    Set up the frame to print with dynamic textboxes and/or blank movies to put the chosen data in.
    The data (text and/or pics) chosen by the user is put into variables, which are then loaded into the textboxes/blanks when the user chooses to print.
    That should get everything on one printable frame.

    good luck


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