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Thread: Age old issue - any new solutions???

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    Age old issue - any new solutions???

    Hey everyone, I've got the old problem of creating a Flash EXE for a CD-rom interface and needing to launch files (PDFs, DOCs, etc.) from the interface. I know Flash 5 player would (by mistake I understand) and that Flash MX will not do it. Is there a plug in or 3rd party software that makes this possible? I know I can do it if I import it into Director, but the client doesn't want to do that if at all possible. Please let me know if you know of a solution. Thanks.
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    Yes I have a system in which you can launch all those files and more.

    Contact ma by Flashkit PM or email me from my web site.

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    Using Get URL will launch them in whatever program is configured to launch them (usually they will launch in the browser).

    You can also use fscommand(exec) to open them, they just have to be put in a folder named "fscommand" and be a subfolder of the folder the Flash .exe is in.

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    Try this.
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